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Swedish Massage, 60-minutes/$40.00; 90-minutes/$55.00
Promotes circulation, relaxation, reduces blood pressure, and helps to alleviate stress and stiffness in the body. Benefits of a Swedish massage include flexiblility and a renewed, positive outlook on your day.

Hydrating Facial, 30 minutes/$35.00
A hydrating cleanser that removes all makeup and impurities. Treats environmentally damaged skin, giving it a rewed, nourished and silky smooth feel.

Deep Tissue, 60-minutes/$50.00
Deep tissue massage describes more targeted techniques designed to release adhesions (or knots), improve range of motion and alleviate muscular pain. If you have a specific area of discomfort where you need focused, sustained, and possibly intense work, this is the treatment for you.
Deep does not imply that the work uses strong pressure, but rather that it is accessing the deeper tissues of your body's structure. The techniques of deep tissue are often combined with Swedish strokes to create a unified and balanced session, relaxing the nervous system while decreasing the discomfort of chronically contracted tissues.

Prenatal Massage, 60-minutes/$40.00; 90-minutes/$55.00
Nurturing for the mother-to-be, this work relieves the physical stress of her changing body and horomones, and provides a meditative space in which to attune with her child. Can be deep or light depending on the need. Usually side lying supported with pillows.
Studies of pregnancy and massage reveal that massage therapy can reduce cortisol levels, back and leg pain, obstetric complications, labor pain, and most notably, premature birth rates.
Please Note: We do not give prenatal massages during the first trimester, due to risk of miscarriage.  

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), 15-minutes/$35.00  
Neuromuscular therapy is a form of massage that is distinguished from other types of massage in that a quasi-static pressure is applied to the skin with the aim of stimulating specific areas of skeletal muscle. Often these areas of muscle are myofascial trigger points. 

Hot Stone Massage, 60-minutes/$65.00, 90-minutes/$75.00
When combined directly with massage, the heat of the warm stones becomes powerfully therapeutic. The pressure of the stones makes deep work less intense, allowing the client to experience greater results. 

Head, Face, and Scalp: 30-minutes/$35.00
Is your favorite part of your massage the last five minutes when you hope there is extra time for that scalp massage? In today's world, we spend up to ten hours a day talking on phones and staring at computer or TV screens. Tension held in the area around the eyes, jaw, and scalp contribute to migraines and neck pain. 

Hand & Foot Treatment & Massage (includes hot towel treatment): 30-minutes/$35.00
A hand massage may be especially useful for people who spend a great deal of time working with their hands, andit can also provide relief for people who spend many hours a day at a computer keyboard or on the phone.

Foot massage encourages better blood flow and stimulating nerves that, in turn, energizes, balances and nurtures the entire boy. Good foot health also encourages better body alignment and support of the spine.

Neck and shoulder massage: 60-minutes/$40.00
The neck and shoulder area of the body tends to accumulate more tension than any other area. Tension headaches and upper body stiffness can be traced back to the neck, which can be agitated by poor posture or sleeping position. Massage for the neck and shoulders can loosen the muscles and reduce tension and stiffness.

Chair Massage
We also provide chair massage at your location! In the office or workplace, 10- or 15-minute chair massages can relieve stress and increase motivation and productivity. At your special event or party, chair massage is a treat that always enhances enjoyment of the occasion. The cost is $60 per hour, plus a $25 set-up fee. Please call to discuss how we can serve you.

The following may be added to any treatment for an additional $5.00:
Aromatherapy (DoTerra essential oils)
Paraffin Wax Treatment
Hot Towels

Please Note: 
If you have cancer of ANY kind, Massage-topia will need a doctor's release stating that you may receive a massage. 

Gift Certificates are available in any amount. Massage-topia is happy to give massages to anyone over the age of 18. We will honor all gift certificates prior to, and up to the expiration date.  

NO refunds will be issued for gift certificates. NO exceptions!



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